Thoughts from a gay Christian


Hi and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Andrew and I live in Sydney, Australia. I was born into a Christian family, the eldest of six. I realised I was gay around my first year of high school at about 12 or 13 years of age. Whilst it was neither here nor there during high school (I checked out the boys whilst the boys checked out the girls), it was at about age 19 when being gay went from just a fact like I had brown hair, to being the single biggest issue on my mind.

It has been an issue that has brought me to the edge of suicide on countless occasions, self-injury and enough tears to fill a swimming pool. On one side you have the conservative church I grew up in: robes, pipe organ, Sunday best and smiles all around; on the other you have the LGBT community which has a strained relationship with Christians at best and is diametrically opposed on some of the most fundamental aspects of being human.

I’ve had some tell me that being a gay Christian is a contradiction in terms and others that believe that the rift many see between the two has no foundation in Scripture, just in the bigotry inherent in some people. Throughout all this and the volatility of matters such as gay marriage, I’ve thus far concluded that rational, thoughtful discussion that at a minimum educates others is unfortunately hard to find.

I have by no means figured it all out and still wrestle with many questions and worries, but I hope through sharing that some helpfulness and clarity may be realised for some of us.

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